Find out why CDDS should be your #1 Choice.

Why Choose CDDS?

We provide ONLINE driver education and behind-the-wheel driver training experiences unlike that of traditional schools:

  1. Our driver training model is unique because it matches each student driver with only ONE INSTRUCTOR WITHOUT FULL PAYMENT UP FRONT. At other schools, students may receive instruction from as many as four different instructors and parents are charged the entire amount before beginning the process. Beginning drivers are nervous enough behind the wheel, so we try to make them as comfortable as possible. Adjusting to different instructors is not easy. Would you want your student receiving instruction from different teachers at school everyday?
  2. Our vehicles are UNMARKED. While you may think that having a large STUDENT DRIVER sign on the side of the car is helpful for other drivers, anecdotal evidence suggests the opposite. Our instructors have driven both marked and unmarked vehicles and have noticed an increased incidence of driver distraction and dangerous maneuvers around marked vehicles compared to unmarked vehicles.
  3. Our driver training instructors TEACH STANDARDS, similar to a classroom teacher. Just like the state of California has developed standards for each grade and subject matter to ensure consistency from school to school, we have a set of objectives that student drivers should achieve at different stages in their educational process. These objectives are taught during different lessons depending on the difficulty and experience of the student. For example, during the first lesson students are shown how to pull away from and toward a curb, while in lesson two they are taught to park in spaces. Finally, in lesson four they are taught how to parallel park. Regardless of the instructor, each student is receiving the same instruction, ensuring that every student is taught the important skills necessary to drive defensively. At other schools, a combination of different instructors and a lack of objectives means that a student driver may not receive important instruction imperative to safe operation of a motor vehicle.
  4. We are COMPETITIVELY PRICED and focus on developing a strong relationship with your student to assist them in learning as much as possible during their time with us. We are locally owned and operated and all of our employees are residents of Santa Barbara. We strongly urge you to speak with us before committing with another school. You may find a less expensive alternative, but do you really want the cheapest instruction? Driving is a skill that you use your entire life. We offer a combination of quality instruction and competitive prices.