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What is the difference between driver education and driver training?

Driver education is completed online in preparation for passing the written test for the Instructional Permit. Driver training is behind-the-wheel training received once a student has her/his provisional permit.

How old must I be in order to obtain my permit?

The minimum age for a provisional driver permit is 15 and a half years.

Why should I choose California Defensive Driving School?

There are many reasons why we feel that CDDS is your best choice for driver education and driver training. Click here to find out why.

Do I need a permit to start driving with you?

You will need an Instructional Permit in order to start Behind-the-Wheel lessons.

Where can I find some practice tests?

The California DMV has published four practice tests for students interested in obtaining the Provisional Permit. In addition, the DMV has put together an interactive Driving Knowledge Tutorial with illustrations of driving situations to help students study for the written Provisional Permit test. These tests and the tutorial may be accessed by clicking here.